Macomb and Oakland County

State Certified/FHA Approved -25 Years of Experience !


We are a full-service real estate appraisal company. TITAN APPRAISAL GROUP'S goal is to meet the ever changing needs of the financial, legal, public and private sectors in a manner which embodies confidence ... the kind of confidence our services render and that our current client base has trusted for over two decades.


How Much Is Your House Worth? Find Out Today!

The current Real Estate Market is improving at a steady rate, unless you study market trends daily, it is almost impossible to know exactly what your property is worth. Trust a State Certified Appraiser for a professional and objective valuation of your property.                          586-713-8333

Other Services

Titan Appraisal provides a wide range of real estate valuation and consulting services which can be used for:


  • Purchase                   
  • Market Value
  • Refinance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce settlement
  • Consulting
  • Estate settlement
  • Tax Assessment Appeal
  • Estate planning
  • PMI removal
  • Relocation or value to sell

House design & residential architecture

Masterful design and modern luxury are joined together in this 5 room, 2 level house with a surface of 400 square feet.

Current Market Trends


  • Winter months-few exposed properties offered for sale. Marketing times under 30 days.
  • Property values up  about 5%  12 months prior in Oakland and Macomb County
  • New Construction Starts - Up
  • Foreclosures Down
  • Most Property Values Stable or Increasing
  • Seller's Market

Helpful Tips

  • Always Hire an experienced LOCAL Appraiser to determine the value of your property.
  • Always buy a home in an area that offers a good School District, Police/Fire department.
  • Avoid buying a home with adverse view, IE: Powerlines, Traffic.
  • Updating Kitchen returns up to 110% of cost.
  • In-ground pool in Michigan returns about 20% of cost, Texas 125%